How a Home Network Works

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How a Home Network Works

How a Home Network Works is a full color illustrated guide to the key technologies around a small home network.
We start with how the network is physically connected to the internet. The main connection types are illustrated in colorful graphics. Connections made through the cable, telephone line, FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) , FTTH (Fibre to the Home) and Mobile internet.
We move onto WiFi technology and illustrate how different types of devices use WiFi to access the internet.
The IP Address use is explained through color illustrations.
The DNS (Domain Name Server) is illustrated.
The Firewall on your home network is illustrated.
Data Packets That move around the internet and LAN are explained and illustrated in full color graphics.
Protocols that move data around your network and the internet are illustrated in colorful graphics.
The Local Area Network (LAN) which forms the basis of most home networks is explained and illustrated.
This book will be useful to students and anyone else wishing to learn how the technologies around a small home network function.
A colorful resource for beginners to computer science.

For use with...

K-12 Computer Science Curriculums. Key Stage 3 Computing Curriculums.

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